Material Safety Data Sheet – Perlite


------------------------------I. Product Identification ------------------------------


Trade Name (as labeled)                             Supreme Perlite (Expanded)


Manufacturers Name                                   Supreme Perlite Company


Website & Email:                                


Address:                                                         4600 N. Suttle Rd.

                                                                        Portland, OR   97217

Phone Number:                                              503-286-4333


Date Prepared or Revised:                           April 1, 2010       


-------------------------------II. Product Ingredients--------------------------------


Ingredient Name  CAS Number              %            PEL           TLV(total)


Perlite                      93763-70-3               100       15 mg/M3      10mg/M3


A mineral composed of sodium potassium aluminum silicate of variable composition.


Perlite is considered a nuisance dust (also called “Particulates Not Otherwise Classified (PNOC) by ACGIH).


HMIS Code:  Health – 0, Fire – 0, Reactivity – 0, Personal Protection – X.


Alpha-Cristobalite & Tridymite:                     Less than 0.1%


Alpha Quartz:                                               <0.1% below detectable limits


------------------------------III. Physical Properties--------------------------------


Vapor Density (air=1)      N/A            Melting point or range. oF                     2000+


Specific Gravity               2.35            Boiling point or range. oF                       N/A


Solubility in Water          <1%            Evaporation rate (butyl acetate = 1)      N/A


Vapor Pressure                 N/A    

(mmHg @ 20oC)  


Appearance and odor:      White to off white granules, no odor.


HOW TO DETECT THIS SUBSTANCE (warning properties of substance as a gas, vapor, dust or mist)


Visual only (dust).  No gas, vapors, or mist emitted.


-------------------------------IV. Fire and Explosion--------------------------------


Flash Point, oF (give method)            Perlite is a fully oxidized, non-flammable mineral. It is noncombustible and non-flammable.


Auto ignition temp., oF                       N/A


Flammable limits in air, Vol. %         N/A lower (LEL) N/A upper (UEL) N/A      


Fire extinguishing materials:             N/A


_____water spray                _____ carbon dioxide              _____other


_____foam                          _____dry chemical


Special fire fighting procedures:            N/A


Usual fire & explosion hazards:             N/A


----------------------------V. Health Hazard Information-------------------------


SYMPTOMS OF EXPOSURE for each potential route of exposure


Inhaled:                                    Coughing


Contact with skin or eyes:       Possible eye irritation from dust particles; wear eye protection.


Absorbed through skin:            N/A


Swallowed:                                 N/A




Acute:                         None


Chronic:                      Excessive inhalation over long period may cause harmful irritation; use mask suitable for nuisance dust.


Target Organ:             None   




Eye Contact:              Attempt to wash out with clear water; if unable, have particle removed by doctor.


Skin Contact:             None


Inhaled:                       Remove affected individual from dusty area to area with clean air.


Swallowed:                  None




__X__ No: This product’s ingredients are not found in below lists.


YES:      ____Federal OSHA                        _____NTP                        _____IARC




Any respiratory illnesses, which a nuisance dust may aggravate.


-------------------------------VI Reactivity Data-------------------------------------


Stability:                                                    __X__Stable               _____Unstable


Incompatibility:                                         Hydrofluoric Acid


Hazardous Polymerization:                        _____May occur            __X__Will not occur


Conditions to avoid:                                   None in designed use.


Hazardous Decomposition Products:        May react with hydrofluoric acid form toxic  gas.


------------------------VII. Spill, Leak & Disposal Procedures------------------


Spill response procedures (include employee protection measures):


Vacuum clean or sweep material; Use respirators suitable for nuisance dust & eye protection.


Preparing wastes for disposal (container types, neutralization, etc.):


Dispose in bulk or containers according to local dump requirements. No special treatment required.


NOTE: Dispose of all wastes in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.


--------------------VIII. SPECIAL HANDLING INFORMATION------------


Ventilation and engineering controls:


Maintain dust level below TLV.


Respiratory protection (type):


Masks suitable for nuisance dust.


Eye protection (type):


Protective goggles.


Gloves (specify material):


Not required.


Work practices, hygienic practices:


Use good housekeeping to avoid transient dust.


Other handling and storage requirements:


Use good housekeeping to avoid transient dust.


Protective measures during maintenance of contaminated equipment:


No special equipment, other than respirators and goggles.




As of the date of this document, the foregoing information is believed to be accurate and is provided in good faith to comply with applicable federal and state laws. However, no warranty or representation with respect to such information is intended or given, and it is the responsibility of the user to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations